28 November, 2020

A Jew Tweets About Stolen Land (But What About the West Bank?)

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So, Whites stole land? Really? Whose land? When? Mexico? We fought a war with them, and we won the war. We didn’t steal their land. Or the Indians? Do you refer to them? What about them? We largely did not steal their land, either. Didn’t the Jews steal Palestine in 1948? [1].



[1] The United States of America was founded as a White, Western country by White men, who largely didn’t steal it from the Indians. Due to the rather small number of Indians per square mile in America circa 1600, most land wasn’t “Indian land,” and also, most of the Indian tribes in America were somewhat nomadic, i.e., they wandered from summer to winter camps and followed the buffalo and therefore didn’t “own” land per se. (Admittedly, a few Indian tribes weren’t nomadic, e.g., the southwestern Anasazi Indians).

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