26 November, 2020

The Increasing Politicization of Homosexuality: Quiet Then vs. Loud Now

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Seen: a news reporter “outing” herself to the world. Why does she think that everybody wants to know? We don’t, honey!

Rhetorical question: back in the 1970s, how could queers like the famous actors Roddy McDowell and Rock Hudson keep their sexuality quiet from the public, but, today, every homosexual from Los Angeles to Moscow “has to” tell the whole world that they are homosexual? Why? Can’t they just keep their sexual lives private? Other people seem to be able to keep their sexual habits, and their other personal habits, private.

It’s all about politics, about pushing a political agenda. About political power. The queer agenda seems to be: mention homosexuality very often, and that, in turn, will soon make homosexuality seem “normal” to Sally Soccermom. It will normalize homosexuality.

Let’s put it another way: today, a homosexual’s entire identity is only about his sexual habits, and not about his life in general. His sexuality comes before anything else. He’s not a man. No. He’s a “gay man.” He is his sexual preference!

By the way, it’s worth noting that the “homosexual rights movement” is led almost entirely by Jews and has been since it was founded in Germany by Magnus Hirschfeld.

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