17 November, 2020

The Liberal Obsession With “Democracy”

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When a liberal gives a speech, the first and last words out of his mouth are “democracy” (and every 10th word in the speech is also “democracy”) [1].

Indeed, liberals toss the word “democracy” around like confetti at a parade — in fact, I think liberals actually have orgasms if they use the word “democracy” over 10 times in a speech!

Why are liberals so obsessed with that word? Do they really believe so strongly in democracy and freedom and voting? No. They don’t. The liberal definition of “democracy” is much different than the normal definition of “democracy.” The liberal definition of “democracy” is twisted and abnormal.

Here’s the liberal definition of “democracy”: “an all-powerful federal government, having a leftist, international orientation, making every human equal to the next human by using whatever force is necessary, including censorship, arrest and imprisonment.”

To a liberal, “democracy” and “equality” are the same word. This liberal definition of “democracy” is communism. Go to Cuba to see it firsthand.

It’s all about how you define “democracy.” Donald Trump being president? That isn’t democracy, say the liberals, because all humans aren’t equal under the “fascist” and “racist” rule of Trump. Barack Obama being president? Now that was democracy, because Obama made all of the humans equal (e.g., the unconstitutional Obamacare healthcare law).

(Recall: in Chile in 1973, the Marxist president Salvador Allende was still being called a “democrat” simply because he was elected three years earlier. But he was a Marxist nonetheless. Here’s a funny quote about Allende: “He was the first Marxist to be elected president in a liberal democracy in Latin America” — Wikipedia, Nov. 2020. Isn’t that hilarious?? A communist was elected president in a liberal democracy! Too funny! Knee-slapping funny!).


[1] President F.D. Roosevelt popularized the word “democracy” more than anyone else. In a public radio address from the White House, called Conference on Children in a Democracy, on January 19, 1940, Roosevelt used the word “democracy” 12 times!

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