25 November, 2020

Whites Make, Blacks Take, or, America is Slowly Turning into South Africa

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A news headline: “Sen. Booker Introduces Bill to Transfer Land to Black Farmers”

That just figures. “Black farmers”? How many are there, 10 in all of America? Oh, I get it: Booker wants to create Black farmers! That should be amusing to watch, like a bear on roller skates.

They call Black people “gibs-me-dats” because all they do is take, take, take from White people.

How ironic that right now, in South Africa, the same thing is happening: Blacks are taking farmland from Whites (and killing White farmers as well). Question: who built South Africa from top to bottom? Answer: Whites (British and Dutch men). Successful farming in South Africa requires a lot of work, and especially it requires a lot of water. South Africa is hot. Only Whites know how to get enough water to the crops. Only Whites know how to treat and work the semi-arid soil of S.A. properly. Whatever Blacks touch, they ruin. We’ve seen it for centuries. Giving White farmland to Blacks is like giving an 8-year-old the keys to your car. It’ll end in disaster. Just look at Zimbabwe, which used to be called “Rhodesia” when Whites ran it. Rhodesia was called “the breadbasket of Africa” because of the wonderful crops it produced. Now? The beautiful farms are long gone. The Blacks destroyed Rhodesia when they took it over in 1980. It’s totally ruined now. I mean totally. This Booker baloney will start off by “buying” land (via your White tax dollars) from “willing” White people, and then later, it will take land from unwilling White people, just like in South Africa. They’ll start off gentle, then later the force will begin.

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