14 December, 2020

It’s a New War Against the New Bolshevism Which Wants to Kill Populism

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Bolshevik: an intolerant liberal (usually a Jew) who uses force or violence to cause political change.

Just like there was once a war against Jewish Bolshevism in western Europe circa 1920 (Mussolini and Hitler both fought in that war [1]), there is now a new war against the New Bolshevism. And that war is being waged right here in America, right now.

The New Bolsheviks are the anti-Donald Trumpers who desperately want to kill Trump’s Right-Wing Populism movement in its cradle, before it spreads to the rest of the White world. They want to kill all remnants of Right-Wing Populism (former Sen. John Kerry just denounced, and warned against, populism last month ). They are using various means to try to kill it: social-media censorship, doxxing, de-platforming, canceling of financial services (they just canceled VDARE’s credit-card payments), and even outright violence (e.g., antifa thugs).

How desperate are the New Bolsheviks? They just tried to hijack the most powerful country on earth (America) via election fraud. And before that, that tried to do it via a fake “impeachment,” and before that, they tried to do it via the ridiculous and fake “Steele dosier.”

It’s a fact that the anti-Trump movement has been led by Jews, and we even know many of them by name [2][3].

Just like in 1917, the people leading the revolt against Right-Wing Populism are angry and paranoid Jews and many of them are millionaire/billionaire globalists. In other words, it’s 1917 all over again, only this time, the revolution is in America, and instead of bullets, the weapons in this new war are usually electronic (internet, TV, etc.). Trivia: millionaire, Jewish globalists funded the first Bolshevik revolution in 1917, e.g., the New York banker Jacob Schiff (who also aided Japan in the defeat of Russia in the 1904/1905 Russo-Japanese War; Schiff did it solely because he hated Russia. The Jews had a major hatred for White, Imperial Russia. Of course).

In the end, it will be revealed for all to see that the people who have led this new revolt against Trump’s Right-Wing Populism are either powerful Jews, or, are in the service of them.


[1] Western Europe was nearly communized circa 1920. Street battles were waged in Germany which lasted 3 days each time. Sound familiar? Right: Portland in 2020! Hitler and Mussolini both fought against Bolshevism. Spain came very close to being communized circa 1937, with the Soviet Union aiding the “republicans” there. Jews played a major role in that aid: the chief Soviet military man in Spain was a Jew, General Grigori Stern. Other top Soviet military Jews in Spain were: General Yakov Smushkevich, General Emilio Kleber (real name Manfred Stern), and Colonel Selig Joffe. Other top Jews in Spain included Soviet ambassador Marcel Rosenberg, economic adviser Arthur Stashevsky, Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko, the consul general in Barcelona, and Mikhail Koltsov, Soviet press representative.

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