26 December, 2020

On Marxism and Satan Being Connected (Video)

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Kengor is a Catholic leader.

Karl Marx saw Satan as the ultimate counterculture, fist-in-the-air figure, the ultimate rebel and bad boy. He even wrote some poems about Satan.

Anyway, there’s little difference between a communist and a Satanist. They both practice evil, secular religions that are bent on destruction.

The communist worships Karl Marx. The Satanist worships the devil. Both have one basic commandment: “upset and destroy the existing order.” Satanists are on record as promoting egalitarianism and human equality in order to debase and degrade society (i.e., Marxism/Cultural Marxism), the same as communists do.

The top Satanist in America was Anton LaVey (1930-1997). He was a Jew, by the way.

Satanism was officially recognized by the U.S. government as a religion in 2019.

Marxism is Trotskyism in the end, i.e., a type of communism which requires endless revolution and perpetual violence. It’s hard to install Marxism via peaceful means — although make no mistake, today it can be done via Cultural Marxism in schools, in the media, etc. But most communist revolutions have involved violence (e.g., Cuba in 1959, Nicaragua in 1979) [1].

Communism really is evil (just look at the death toll!). It requires that you destroy the existing order of things, that you toss a whole society into the trash can. It requires that you lie, cheat, steal and kill in order to install, and maintain, a communist dictatorship. Look at Cuba: they shot priests and teenagers, and stole property and land, in the name of Marxism.

[Video; 22 minutes] (disregard the comments about Marx’s “anti-Semitism,” because like most Jews, Marx secretly hated himself for being a Jew).


[1] Communism has thrived in the world largely because the Western media actually likes communism. Look at how it virtually installed communist thug Fidel Castro in Cuba: the New York media wrote long, fawning reports about how Castro was a nice, Robin Hood-like fellow. That led directly to Castro coming to power. The Western media never tells the truth about communism. In fact, U.S. support for the prior, anti-communist Cuban leader, Batista, ended due to intense, frequent, American media criticism of America’s support for Batista, who was a thug, granted, but he was our thug; the same situation, more or less, happened in Nicaragua with Somoza vs. Ortega

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