27 December, 2020

Thanking Alex

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As the year comes to a close, and as I read Kirksville Today this morning, a thought has come to my mind:

Alex Linder has always given me “free rein” at the VNN blog, re: posting. He has never told me not to post this or that. How many bosses give you totally free rein? Very few.

Alex also believes in total, complete free speech, unlike some WNs, who say they support it but censor you whenever they can get away with it.

(Re: my posts: I like to think of myself as a modernized, younger version of Dr. William Pierce, which will no doubt make some people laugh, but that’s my “goal” so to speak: to educate newbies first and foremost).

Thanks, Alex. Happy New Year to you, and to everyone at VNN Forum as well.

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