9 December, 2020

The True Nature of the Chinese: Sneaky, Cruel and Ruthless

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The Jews and the Chinese have something in common: they’re very unpopular in the world.

The Chinese are known for being cruel jerks. They treat animals horribly. They skin cats alive and eat them.

In fact, you could call the Chinese “the Jews of Asia.” They are known in Asia for being sneaky, underhanded and ruthless [1]. So why on earth did America get real cozy with China beginning circa 1993? Why would America give China Most Favored Nation trade status? (Oh, wait, that’s right: because of the Jew, Sandy “Socks” Berger). China committed mass-murder on a scale previously unknown in human history. Chinese leader “Chairman Mao” Zedong (1893-1976), a brutal communist thug, murdered upwards of 60 million people, mostly during the Great Leap Backward, er, Forward. The Chinese government still murders and oppresses people today, e.g., in Hong Kong. Why would America (that “beacon of democracy and freedom”) cozy up to a murderous country like China? (Richard Nixon actually started the “play nice with China” movement in 1972). How many Chinese are currently in America? Probably 10 million. Maybe more. Why are they here? Because they attend our universities. Don’t they have universities in China? Yes, they do. So why are they not attending universities in China?


[1] “Chinese people are the most dishonest and British and Japanese people the most honest, according to a study of truthfulness involving more than 1,500 people from 15 countries.”
— from an article titled “Chinese the most dishonest, Japanese and British the least, study finds” by Jeanette Wang, South China Morning Post, November 17, 2015.

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