29 December, 2020

The Twilight-Zone World of Covid-19: Canada Lists Non-Covid Deaths as Covid Deaths

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Why would the Canadian government do that? To greatly increase the Covid-19 death statistics. And why do that? Good question.

Anything you hear from “officials” about Covid-19 must be taken with a huge grain of salt. What’s true? What isn’t true? There’s no way to tell.

This is from a Government of Ontario webpage (all bold text is mine). From an article titled “How Ontario Is Responding to COVID-19” and under a heading titled “Summary of cases of COVID-19: Ontario, January 15, 2020 to December 28, 2020”

It reads:

“Total number of deaths [7]”

Then, at the bottom of the page, this is what footnote [7] actually says:

“[7] Deaths are determined by using the outcome field in iPHIS, CORES, CCMtool or The COD. Any case marked “Fatal” is included in the deaths data. Deaths are included whether or not COVID-19 was determined to be a contributing or underlying cause of death as indicated in the iPHIS field “Type of Death”. [1].

This, of course, is not unusual [2]. Lots of governments (including many or even most U.S. states) label deaths as “Covid-19 deaths” if the people merely had Covid-19 in their bodies even if they didn’t die from Covid-19 (e.g., if they died from a heart attack or stroke). It’s sneaky and under-handed, and it will backfire badly as nobody will trust their governments when the next pandemic appears! Fools. (Here’s a happy thought: what else are our government officials lying to us about?).

[Canadian webpage].


[1] Re: the terminology used above:
iPHIS = The integrated Public Health Information System
CORES = Coronavirus Rapid Entry System
The COD = The COVID-19 Ottawa Database
CCMtool = Middlesex-London COVID-19 Case and Contact Management tool

[2] In Wisconsin in September 2020, a rare, honest TV news reporter said on the air that “if a skydiver jumped from an airplane in Wisconsin, and his parachute didn’t open and he plunged 15,000 feet to his death, he’d nonetheless be listed as a Covid-19 death if the coroner found any Covid-19 in his body”

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