29 January, 2021

Amazon Removes 92 Holocaust-Denial Books, But First, What Is Holocaust Denial?

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Did you know that, if you question any part of the “official Holocaust narrative,” that you are a “Holocaust denier”? Yes. For example, if you say, “I don’t believe that 6 million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis, I think the number was 5 million instead,” that’s called “Holocaust denial” and it’s illegal in 27 White countries, thanks solely to Jewish activism [1]. You can actually be imprisoned for saying that! (But how ironic: the Polish government did just that in 1990)[2]. Curiously, the Jews have a “thing” about the number “6 million.”

By the way, the Holocaust is the only event in human history that’s illegal to question. How odd! Interestingly, it was the Jews themselves who set the number of “Holocausted” Jews at 6 million. That’s right. It wasn’t any government, or God, or the Pope. It was Jews who set that number. It was one Jew in particular: Dr. Jacob Robinson [1889-1977]. He set that number. And the Jews have a loooong history of, well, not exactly being honest and truthful. (Old joke: Q: “How can you tell if a Jew is lying?” A: “His lips are moving!”; and then there’s the old phenomena of “Jewish lightning”: back in the day, insurance investigators used to warn about Jewish-owned businesses because they caught fire much more often than gentile-owned businesses, and usually when the owner was in big financial trouble; but maybe the fires were all just Cohencidences).



[1] the actual number of people who died at the hands of the Third Reich administrators is unknown. It wasn’t just Jews who died, either. It was communists, homosexuals, leftists, people who ate broccoli (can’t blame them. Broccoli should be banned worldwide), etc. But anyway, a safe guess of the real concentration-camp death number (due mostly to starvation and disease), would be 100,000 total — far, far less than the “official” Jewish number. Contrast that with the Jewish-built Soviet Union: the Soviets murdered around 30 million people from 1917-1953; Hitler, of course, responded to that later.

[2] In 1990, the Polish government lowered the “official” death number at the Auschwitz camp by 2.5 million deaths, from 4 million to 1.5 million. But curiously, the “6 million Jews” number remains, to this day, at…wait for it…6 million! The number didn’t change! That’s called “Jewish math.” The number is always 6 million, no matter what happens

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