7 January, 2021

America: How Did We Get to This Point?

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The Left is set to take over America in 13 days. Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden is going to become our “president.” Somehow, he’s going to “lead” our country.

Liberals have been gaining power, and, moving further to the left. We (i.e., normal White people) could have stopped them years ago, but we didn’t. Why didn’t we stop them? Simple: we are always too damn nice to our enemies. Instead of sacking the Jews and the leftists who were running our country into the ground in the 1960s, we did almost nothing to them (I refer, of course, to the New Left, which was “born” circa 1964) [1]. Back then, we just watched the destruction of our country happen, or, sometimes, we complained about it mildly. Leftism spread like wildfire in the 1960s. It totally transformed America. Marxism, liberalism, feminism, multiculturalism, environmentalism, globalism, faggotry — it all spread like a fever. Within a few short years, White people from Florida to Oregon were going barefoot, taking LSD and “dropping out” of society. We never really recovered from the 1960s. That decade vanished, yes, but the ideas and values never did.

Remember: always land on your enemies — like an eagle on a mouse — before they land on you. Don’t wait.


[1] The New Left (aka, the counterculture) was built by Jews, especially Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979) and Paul Krassner (1932-2019)

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