25 January, 2021

Britain: Once a Great and Powerful White Nation, Now an Orwellian Nightmare Filled With Thought-Police

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(Did you know that Britain has turned so far to the Left that it has “racism police”? Yes. Racism police! They are euphemistically called “Community Safety Units” or also “Community Cohesion Units.” They “fight racism” (but only White racism — I’ll bet you $50.00 cash on that). It’s just like being inside the book “1984” by George Orwell, only it’s 2021 instead of 1984. Worse, in Britain, the “victims” of “hate” decide if the “hate” is actually “hate” or just another paranoid persecution fantasy [1]).

In Britain today, even if you’re a cop, you cannot share a meme of a Black criminal/drug addict who ODed in U.S. police custody. If you do, you’ll face criminal charges, like this guy. Floyd wasn’t even British! And he was a thug and an ex-con! [Article].


[1] The UK government says this about “hate” (bold text is mine): “Second, the working definitions of hate incidents and hate crimes in England and Wales are broad. Under these definitions, the “perception of the victim or any other person is the defining factor in determining a hate incident” — so, if Crazy Joe Tranny decides that you have harassed him, oops, her, because, well, he’s, oops, she’s a crazy tranny, then that’s all the cops need to arrest you, or at least file your name in a computer database of “haters.” [Here].

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