28 January, 2021

Cuba: Fight Against Communism, End Up in Prison

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For opposing the brutal, Marxist government, these guys ended up in prison doing hard time. Sad. If the American government were really a friend of freedom and peace, it would have toppled the Cuban government years ago via various methods. (What about the 1961 “The Bay of Pigs” invasion, you say? That wasn’t even supposed to succeed. It was only supposed to temporarily appease right-wingers in America; And 17 years later, America “thanked” Nicaraguan leader Somoza for his major help with that Cuban invasion by watching the communists — with help from Cuba! — attack and rape Nicaragua. We did nothing to help Somoza repel the communists, even though we could have easily done so) [1]. No good deed goes unpunished!



[1] Quoting Somoza, re: The Bay of Pigs invasion: “All was in readiness, but at the last moment, orders came from the White House to cancel fighter support for the invading Cubans. Only President Kennedy and his brother, Bobby, knew why this decision was made. It was a U.S.-planned and U.S.-financed operation and, in the end, it was a U.S. decision that led to disaster for the invasion force and permitted Castro to remain in power.”

“If the United States had lived up to her commitment to the Bay of Pigs invaders, there would be no Castro on the scene today, and the Communists would not have Nicaragua.” — from Anastasio Somoza’s book “Nicaragua Betrayed” (1981).

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