16 January, 2021

More Proof That the Covid Lockdowns Were One Giant Weapon Against Trump

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Now that it looks like Donald Trump is “on his way out” of the White House, the leftists just can’t re-open the cities fast enough! “Open them now!” they scream. “Unlock the doors!” Because there’s no more need to use the Covid-19 lockdowns to wreck Trump’s reputation and legacy. The job is done: Trump will go down in the history books as a horrible man who “destroyed the U.S. economy” by being “reckless” in his response to Covid-19, etc., etc., etc. He won’t have a legacy. His truly wonderful economy (the best since 1970 before Covid hit!) will be memory-holed; and his “right-wing populism,” which the Jews so greatly fear (and which the half-Jew, ex-Sen. John Kerry, just warned us about in November!) will die on the vine. Mission accomplished. Another “White movement” body-blocked, ultimately, by Big Jew, since Jews have led the entire anti-Trump movement — indeed, it was a Jew named Sherman who filed the first ridiculous impeachment action against Trump in Congress way back in July 2017; and it was the Jewish media bosses who smeared Trump 24/7 for four years; Jewish money, much of it from Silicon Valley big tech, no doubt funded the 2020 election theft. Ultimately, a Jewish coup has occurred in America and it looks successful — unless Trump does something about it.

A news quote, 1/15/21: “Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is now, a week before President-elect Joe Biden is set to be inaugurated, calling for an end to her own draconian lockdowns.

In fact, with the November election now in the rearview mirror, Democrats and academics everywhere suddenly want to see an end to their job-killing, mental health-ravaging mandates, which have made life a living hell for millions of Americans for nearly a year. “I want to get our restaurants and bars reopened as quickly as possible,” Lightfoot said Thursday, according to WBBM-TV.”


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