25 January, 2021

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“Gruesome Harvest” by Ralph Keeling (1947).

After the “allies” were finished destroying the German military machine in 1945, they set their sights on the innocent citizens of Germany: women, children, the elderly. Make no mistake: this was the world’s biggest “hate crime.” Women were raped. Men were murdered. Elderly people starved to death. Millions of German civilians suffered terribly. All because the Jews wanted revenge on the people who resisted the New World Order (a.k.a., the Jew World Order).

Here’s the intro to the book:

“On May 8, 1945 the shooting ended in Europe. But, shockingly, the war against Germany went on. Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill had decreed that the German people must suffer–and suffer they did. Driven from their homes, looted of their property, decimated by famine and disease, raped, robbed, and enslaved, millions of Germans–most of them women and children–bore the brunt of what Time magazine called “history’s most terrifying peace”. Gruesome Harvest was one of the first books in America to sound the alarm against the victor’s postwar war against the Germans.”


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