17 January, 2021

Video: Nationalism Is Normal and Good — Indeed, It Is Our Right and Duty

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A good video.

The narrator says, “nationalism is the way of nature.” Yes, indeed. It is. Unless, of course, you are White!

Blacks and Browns can be nationalists (i.e., they can think and act racially). But Whites are “forbidden” to be nationalists — that’s called “hate.” Who defines what is and isn’t “hate”? You’ll never guess! (Okay, you can probably guess. Here’s a hint: they have big noses and big ears and lots of money. Most of them live in NYC. No, not rats, but you’re so darn close! Here’s another hint: they have names like “Silverman” and “Goldberg” and “Rosenfeld.” No, not the Japanese…).

The Other has one goal: to destroy the White Western world, via immigration, diversity, Cultural Marxism, etc. [1]. The Other hates, and much more importantly, fears the White world, because it is run by White men who can literally do anything — we even went to the moon, many times, and more recently, we sent a spacecraft to Mars. We can do anything we set our minds to, and that scares The Other.

[Video; duration is 12 minutes]. (it is also closed-captioned).


[1] The Other = Blacks, Browns, Jews, homosexuals, Marxists, etc. Anyone who isn’t a normal White person

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