15 February, 2021

A Jewish Congressperson Wants a Truth Commission. But Which Truth Would It Promote?

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This is starting to feel like South Africa, or the Soviet Union. The former had government-run “truth commissions” back in the 1990s. Here’s how they worked: you told the political and racial “truth” that the commissions wanted to hear, or else you were punished.

Now, here in America, Rep. Sara Jacobs wants a “common narrative” about race and politics, via a truth commission. That means, in theory, that everyone in America would “accept and tell the same story/narrative” about race and politics, as blueprinted and promoted by a lefty government commission (e.g., there would be no more “the 2020 election was stolen” falsehoods allowed!!). What if your ideas about race and politics differ from the lefty government ideas, and what if you won’t accept commission narratives as “the truth”? Take a guess.


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