10 February, 2021

Jews in South Africa (They Wrecked It, Just Like America)

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(Above: The Jewish communists Joe Slovo and Ruth First, circa 1956. Both were charged with treason and later banned by the White government; in those days, White people knew that Jews were naturally subversive).

A rule of thumb: “Anywhere in the world, if a White movement or government exists, Jews will dismantle it. Not Blacks, not Asians, only Jews will work to dismantle it.” We’ve seen it many times already: in Germany, Rhodesia, South Africa, America. The Jews feel threatened by pro-White movements/governments, so they instinctively fight them [1].

Did you know that, in South Africa, the Jewish Marxist, Joe Slovo (an anti-White activist) was involved in numerous bombings of White people? That’s right. Did Slovo ever go to jail for those bombings? Of course not! Slovo is called a hero in South Africa today. How ironic: Slovo’s wife, a radical Jew named Ruth First, was killed by a mail bomb in 1982.

A news quote: “Six SA cities make top 20 list of the ‘most dangerous cities in the world’…Six locations in South Africa made the list for the ‘top 20 most dangerous cities’ on the planet, according to user-generated data.”



[1] Besides Slovo and First, some of the Jews who worked to dismantle the White government in South Africa included: Harold Wolpe, Albie Sachs, Ronald Segal, Dennis Goldberg, Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein, Hilda Bernstein, Solly Sachs, Helen Suzman, Ray Alexander, Ronnie Kasrils, Raymond Suttner, Ray Simons, Moishe Geller (related to Pamela Geller), Jules and Selma Browde, Arthur Goldreich, Norma and David Kitson, Wolfie Kodish, Harry Bloom and Bernard Friedman

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