18 February, 2021

More on Marcuse

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One thing about the Jews: it doesn’t take very many of them to greatly alter a country. Just a few. Look at Russia: there were not that many Bolsheviks in 1917. But nonetheless they sacked Russia. One Jew can upset more apple carts than 100 gentiles. Indeed, Dr. Kevin MacDonald said that (paraphrasing him) “if a gentile organization is 15% Jewish at the top, you can consider that organization to be Jewish-led.” Jews are more fanatical and more driven than gentiles.

There is hardly a left-wing organization in the Western world that wasn’t founded, and/or funded, by Jews. This is especially true in America. Hence the term “the Judeo-Left” (e.g., look at the leftist group Students for a Democratic Society [SDS] in the 1960s. It was a re-named version of a prior, heavily-Jewish group called Student League for Industrial Democracy [SLID]. The driving force behind SLID, and the first president of the newer SDS, was a Jew, Alan Haber. Another key Jew in SLID/SDS was Aryeh Neier, who went on to lead the ACLU. Interestingly, Neier hired the gentile, Tom Hayden [a later husband of Jane Fonda], to work for SDS as a student organizer).


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