13 February, 2021

Neocons Try to Steer the Right in a Non-Populist Direction

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Talk about a stupid move: Donald Trump got more votes than any U.S. president in history in 2020, yet, this new group ignores that fact and embraces failed neocon ideology. Not smart.

The neocons want to “return to normalcy”? They mean: “return to the days of ‘conservatives who don’t conserve anything.'” Yeah, sure. We had 40 years of that, beginning with Reagan. Why go back to that? (Reagan did some good things, but he also legalized millions of illegal aliens in 1986, and he sent U.S. Marines to Lebanon).

How did Zionism and wars-for-Israel ever become “right-wing” ideology? Interventionism is left-wing ideology (e.g., the war presidents Wilson, FDR, Truman, Johnson, etc.). Isolationism is conservative. (Give Trump credit: he didn’t get America into a war for Israel, despite being, or at least behaving like, a Zionist).


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