27 February, 2021

South Africa: Now More Ridiculous Than Ever Before

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(Above: Port Elizabeth City Hall; if you think Blacks built this, you’re cracked; wonder how long it will take the Blacks to raze this building due to its “colonial Whiteness”?).

So, a White-built city in South Africa (Port Elizabeth) has a new, spear-chucker name that no White people can pronounce! Saaaay, that’s progress.

Apparently, in order to say the new, spear-chucker name of the city (which is “Gqeberha”), you have to click your tongue, like this: “(*click*) bear gha.” How incredibly stupid! Clicking your tongue to say a word?? My god. Betcha no Whites will call it (*click*), they’ll still call it P.E. or Port Elizabeth.

But wait, the news gets even better: “Gqeberha is one of a number of name changes to cities, towns and airports in the Eastern Cape province announced by Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa.” There will be more spear-chucker names coming soon!

Let’s get one thing straight: White people built South Africa. The roads, the buildings, the bridges, the power lines, the phone lines, all of it was built by Whites. Not by Blacks. Yet now the Blacks are Blackening S.A. as if they own it. But they don’t. They’re squatters or occupiers. He who builds it owns it.

The Blacks came into the South African government in 1994 even though they were not qualified to govern (because African Black IQs are even lower than American Black IQs; the latter have some European genes, hence more brains, thanks to some Whites screwing their Black slaves in circa 1780) [1]. South Africa is so ruined today. Many Whites have fled, and so the tax base has disappeared. Meanwhile, the Jews and the liberals who ended apartheid and brought the Blacks to power are strangely silent about the Black ruining of S.A.[2].



[1] African Black IQ is about 75 to 80; American Black IQ is about 85; American White IQ is about 100. (“IQ scores between 70 and 79 are in the borderline mentally retarded range. Scores below 67 are in the retarded range” [Here]).

[2] Some of the Jews who worked to dismantle the White government in South Africa and pave the way for Black rule included: Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Harold Wolpe, Albie Sachs, Ronald Segal, Dennis Goldberg, Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein, Hilda Bernstein, Solly Sachs, Helen Suzman, Ray Alexander, Ronnie Kasrils, Raymond Suttner, Ray Simons, Moishe Geller (related to Pamela Geller), Jules and Selma Browde, Arthur Goldreich, Norma and David Kitson, Wolfie Kodish, Harry Bloom and Bernard Friedman

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