23 March, 2021

Leftism: Thinking It Through? No, Thinking It True

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“Remember: it’s not a lie if you believe it.” — George Costanza (a “Seinfeld” TV series character).

Leftism is literally childish: picture, in your mind, 6-year-old kids on a playground. Same thing as leftism. Children running around saying, “na-nana-naa-naaah!” and other silly things.

The most key feature of modern leftism is this: simply believe, or say, that “X” is true, and it is! Like magic! If you say it’s true, it is true. It’s like a religion. For example, just say “Dallas is a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants” and — presto! — it’s true, and Dallas must now become a haven for illegals at taxpayer expense. Because you said it was a sanctuary city! Leftism is like a schoolyard game being played by adults. Say “Steve became a woman last year” and it’s true because you believe it. Global warming? It’s true if you believe it — never mind that the “climate change alarm” has been rung almost solely by Jews since circa 1975 [1]. Donald Trump is a Nazi and a Russian collaborator as well?? If you believe it, it’s a fact. (I’ve called this Derridaism, after the fake, Jewish “philosopher” Jacques Derrida, who would freely invent things out of thin air).

“Overwhelming scientific consensus affirms that the earth is warming at historic rates. Claims to the contrary are not a valid political opinion — they are an alternate reality that is incompatible with basic fact.” (Not a valid political opinion? What does that mean? If I don’t agree with you, I’m wrong??).



[1] Dr. Stephen Schneider was the probable founder of the “climate change hysteria” movement, with his 1975 “Climate Change Journal”; another such founder was Dr. Barry Commoner. Ralph Nader called Commoner “possibly the greatest environmentalist of the 20th century”; this movement is strangely full of Jews — must be a tikkun olam thing.

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