28 March, 2021

The Three Pillars of Leftism

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(Above: the Black and White characters in the TV series “I, Spy” circa 1965. Suddenly in the 1960s, Blacks were appearing almost everywhere on TV when previously they were never seen. This coincided with the rise of the New Left political movement).

Leftism (read: Judeo-leftism) rests on three main pillars. Without those pillars, leftism would collapse instantly.

Pillar 1: Lies.

Leftism is based on lies. Telling lies, spreading lies, furthering lies by keeping silent and not telling the truth, etc. “Systemic racism is everywhere”! “Global warming is a terrible threat to mankind”! “Transgender people are perfectly normal”! Those are all leftist lies.

Pillar 2: the “White People Are Bad/Non-White People Are Good” idea.

According to the Left, White people are evil and non-White people are sweet and innocent (you can thank the Jew, Claude Levi-Strauss, for that idea). “Satanic White people colonized much of the world and thereby oppressed millions of poor, innocent non-Whites.” It’s not true, but that’s what the leftists claim.

Ever since the New Left began circa 1964, leftism has been concerned with race. (The godfather of the New Left was, of course, a Marxist Jew: Herbert Marcuse). Suddenly, in the 1960s, we saw TV shows featuring Blacks when previously we hadn’t. A good example of that is the TV series “I, Spy” (1965; it was created by two Jews: David Friedkin and Morton Fine, who also wrote the 1964 Holocaust-themed movie “The Pawnbroker” and wrote for many Western TV series, such as “The Rifleman” and “The Big Valley”). Thanks to the Left, Blacks would gain more and more stature until they were everywhere — even in Congress! As Blacks gained power, you guessed it: Whites lost power. So today, there’s a war on White people that could not have happened without the demonization of Whites and the slow encroachment of Blacks onto White territory beginning circa 1964. Today, all leftism hinges on “White people bad/non-White people good” in some way.

Pillar 3: Whitey’s tax dollars.

Leftists love “taxing and spending.” It’s what they do! Taxing White people punishes them and so they love doing it. The fact that many leftists are White makes no difference because those leftists hate themselves for being White. But leftists couldn’t wage war on our White, Western culture without massive amounts of Whitey’s tax dollars — after all, America’s tax base is White and will be until 2040, at least. (Isn’t it disgusting that leftists use your tax money to attack you?).

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