28 April, 2021

Political Persecution: Nick Fuentes

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(Above: nationalist activist Nick Fuentes. He has been put on a No-Fly list by the U.S. government).

Welcome to the N.R.A. (New Ridiculous America).

Even if someone committed a crime (which Fuentes didn’t), that’s not enough to ban him from flying on an commercial airplane. Known mobsters (who are career criminals) fly on commercial airplanes all the time. They aren’t on No-Fly lists. So why is Fuentes banned from flying? [1].

This banning of Fuentes is pure, unconstitutional, political persecution. Fuentes should sue for millions of dollars.

Look for this type of petty political persecution to become common from now on. And this will only run one way (i.e., it will only be committed by the Left. Administrations such as the Trump administration won’t do it. Recall: in the 1930s and 1940s, president F.D. Roosevelt’s administration regularly persecuted right-wing citizens such as Charles Lindbergh and Father Charles Coughlin; Roosevelt used the IRS and the Secret Service as political weapons against them; he planted bugs in their homes and offices to spy on them; he canceled their bulk-mail permits. George Bernard Shaw said FDR “is a communist but does not know it.” But I think he knew it. In fact, FDR tried to join a communist front-group in the late 1930s but was rejected by the communists, who worried that such joining would harm FDR politically, and it probably would have. As president, FDR committed numerous felonies, such as the illegal “bases-for-destroyers” deal with Britain, which needed Congressional approval, but he never got it; that deal was birthed by the Jew, Benjamin V. Cohen. FDR lied America into a very deadly world war. But today, FDR is remembered fondly as “a great president.” How was he great??).



[1] how ironic: the No-Fly List and the Terrorist Watch List were created by the neocon president George W. Bush’s administration! Also, a well-known White nationalist, who I won’t name, told me a few years ago that he discovered that he’s on the Terrorist Watch List even though he has never been convicted of any crime. Apparently, his “crime” was criticizing Israel and U.S. Zionism.

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