30 April, 2021

Real Domestic Terrorists vs. Fake Ones, or, the Revenge of Wittgenstein

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Antifa thugs tried to kill police officers in Portland and Seattle in 2020. But the Biden administration doesn’t care about that. It instead wants to wage legal war on “White supremacists” because they (not antifa) are “terrorists.” You heard that right: simply being a “White supremacist”means that you’re a terrorist, according to the Biden administration.

The Jewish “philosopher” Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) invented the concept that “words have no concrete meanings” and therefore you can invent word meanings freely, depending on the context [1]. Such as “being a White supremacist means being a terrorist” even if you’re a gentle, non-violent person. This is (early) postmodernist bullshit and we have been seeing a lot of postmodernist bullshit over the past 20 years, especially since Donald Trump became president. New, wacky definitions of words or phrases appear weekly: “racism is violence” or “poverty is terrorism” or “hamburgers are Satanic” or whatever. Meanwhile, genuine terrorism by antifa is ignored by the Left.

This “White supremacists are terrorists” slogan is pure clown-world. It’s like being in the Twilight Zone and it’s a product of postmodernist baloney [2]. Believing that Whites are superior to all other humans (which they are) makes you the equivalent of an al-Qaeda bomb-thrower? [3]. (Recall the infamous, postmodernist phrase uttered by president Bill Clinton in 1998: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” Yeah, he really said that! That’s pure baloney but that’s how leftists think today. Or, to use a Charles Manson slogan: “no sense makes sense”).



[1] according to Wittgenstein, the context in which a word is used is the sole determiner of the word’s meaning. For example, “White supremacists are terrorists” could be true depending on the “language-game” (his term) being used. This is postmodernism and it’s a dangerous way of thinking because there are virtually no boundaries to postmodernism. It’s like Alice In Wonderland come to life. Anything could be true. The Cheshire Cat could really exist. Postmodernism denies reality, which is a danger to Western culture.

[2] Postmodern philosophy is closely related to Critical Theory.

[3] assuming, of course, that al-Qaeda, aka al-Crapola, actually exists and wasn’t made-up by the CIA or the NSA in 1988 to justify endless American wars in the Middle East. Do you think the government would do that? What?? You do??? Oh. Okay, then.

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