1 April, 2021

The Innocent Victims of White Male Archaeologists Are Coming Forward!

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Everyone is a victim today. And White males are the perpetrators. Oh, those evil White men! How dare they!

This victimhood is straight out of the Jewish playbook: Jews have been posing as innocent victims for centuries, and especially since the Russian “pogroms” of the 1880s, which were mostly fake and were used as an excuse for Jews to emigrate to America — which they did. Lucky us!

The word “survivors” is used four times here. What is this? Like, Chicago street-gang turf? Are the White men pulling knives or swinging chains in Archaeology 101? (You know, there’s a good way for women to avoid being victimized on the job by evil White men: they could stay at home, in the kitchen, like women did for centuries).

Here’s the headline: “Harassment in archaeology is occurring at ‘epidemic rates'” (How will America survive this epidemic of archaeo-violence?).


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