7 May, 2021

Egalitarianism/Human Equality for Newbies

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I said the other day that human equality/egalitarianism is the most dangerous idea of the past 200 years. It truly is. The bogus, fraudulent idea of human equality threatens to end the entire White race within a few decades by weakening it and polluting it into extinction. The idea of human equality is poisonous, just as cyanide and strychnine are also poisonous. It will kill White people if left unchallenged. The idea of human equality must be stopped.

The only way White people are going to stop their own destruction is by abolishing the idea of human equality. But how do we do that? We must go back to focusing on the fundamentals of race: on IQ and on the naturally superior mental abilities of Whites versus the lesser mental abilities of The Other (Blacks, Browns, etc.). Whites have higher IQs (i.e., roughly 15 points higher than Blacks) and have better psychological traits [1].

A good place to start regarding IQ and natural abilities (Whites vs. non-Whites) is to read and distribute books such as these to friends, relatives and neighbors:

— The Bell Curve (1994); it’s online here.
— Race, Evolution and Behavior (1995); it’s online here.

Also, read and distribute various articles, such as these:
Article and Article.

Explain to your friends, neighbors and relatives that, in nature, there is no such thing as equality. Humans are a part of nature. Dogs and cats are not equal, and neither are humans. Which lion leads a pride? The biggest, toughest and smartest lion leads a pride! That’s how nature works. Nature is hierarchical. There’s a pecking order in all of nature. A ranking.

Beyond those things above, there are some basic facts about race that are so obvious that only a fool could deny them if he pondered them for more than a minute or two. For example, this fact:

Black Africa is a failed continent — a continent full of people who are basically retarded. The only reason there are telephones and electricity and hospitals in Africa is because White people used to live there (most Whites have now fled Africa) and the Whites installed the telephones and the electricity and the hospitals. One famous Black writer (the American, Dr. Walter Williams) even admitted that Blacks in Africa were better off under colonial (i.e., White) rule [2]. White rule in Africa ended in 1994, and Africa went downhill fast after that since it was under Black management from then on. (Consider Rwanda in central Africa: after Whites [i.e., Belgium] granted it independence in 1962, trouble soon followed, and there was eventually a genocide there in 1994 with Blacks killing other Blacks by the hundreds of thousands; in the end, 800,000 Blacks were murdered by other Blacks in an orgy of killing. Low-IQ negroes need to be policed; when they aren’t, trouble follows).

Furthermore, egalitarianism is tied directly to public schools: It is taught to children daily in those schools. If you want to raise a healthy child, do not under any circumstances allow him to attend public schools. Homeschooling is easy if done correctly and it only takes an hour per day.

Focusing on those fundamentals above could convince many White minds of an important fact: human equality does not exist. There is a pecking order among humans and Whites come first in that pecking order. They always have. Most Whites knew this until about 1960 when egalitarian ideas began to march through the schools.


[1] Whites have IQs that are, on average, one standard deviation (about 15 points) above Black IQs. IQ tests measure how well you can recognize and solve problems. Among the better psychological traits that Whites have is a higher degree of cautiousness (compared to non-Whites).

[2] “The tragic fact of business is that ordinary Africans were better off under colonialism.” — from an article titled “South Africa after apartheid” by Prof. Walter E. Williams, January 09, 2002.

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