25 May, 2021

Happy George Floyd Day! May 25

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Let’s celebrate! Woo-hoo! Of course, Black violence rates are currently sky high (e.g., scores of shootings in Chicago and Baltimore). But that isn’t George Floyd’s fault. He was a gentle, sweet, poetry-loving, Shakespeare-quoting, puppy-hugging guy. What?? Floyd went to prison five different times, and once held a pistol against a pregnant woman’s stomach during a home invasion?? Well, uuhhhhmmm…he…he was just a misunderstood victim of evil White systemic racism! Yeah, that’s it!! It was all Whitey’s fault! Damn White people. They forced him to take fentanyl, pass fake money and eat fried foods! [1]. In fact, if it wasn’t for White oppression, Floyd would be teaching rocket science at Yale right now! [Article].


[1] during autopsy, it was discovered that Floyd had a major artery that was 90% clogged; that alone would have killed him later; Blacks are notorious for eating unhealthy fried foods. Floyd also had a tumor and an enlarged heart. In other words, Floyd had one foot in the grave even before Officer Chauvin restrained him.

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