15 May, 2021

On the Choke-Out, Re: Blacks and Cops

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It has long been alleged by cops that Black criminals lose consciousness faster than White criminals when they are put in a controlling choke-hold by a cop. In fact, it is said by cops that more Black criminals die from choke-holds than White criminals due to racial factors.

Is that true? Yes. For several reasons: Blacks have less hemoglobin on average, smaller red blood cells, and smaller lung capacity than Whites [1][2]. In other words, pound for pound, the bodies of Blacks carry less oxygen than the bodies of Whites. In other words, Blacks die more often than Whites from police choke-holds because Blacks are racially inferior to Whites.

Yet, despite that fact, the liberals will still insist that “race is just a social construct” and “racist White cops enjoy strangling innocent Black people!” (Wonder if Saint George Floyd would still be alive today if he had been White…this refers to Positional Asphyxia).


[1] red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body; less hemoglobin means that less oxygen will be carried through the body, ditto with smaller red blood cells, and ditto with smaller lung capacity. All of those things factor into less oxygen being carried through the body.

[2] see the studies “Racial differences of hemoglobin concentration: measurements of iron, copper, and zinc” in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Sep. 1981; “Racial contrasts in hemoglobin levels and dietary patterns related to hematopoiesis in children: the Bogalusa Heart Study” in American Journal of Public Health, Oct. 1987; “Lung volumes and flow rates in black and white subjects” in Thorax, 1974. It says that Blacks have on average 12% less lung capacity than Whites of the same age/height.

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