15 May, 2021

The New War in the West: the War on White People

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(Above: the Jew, Karl Marx, a man who has caused more misery in the world than any other human. Yet, who is called the most evil person in history? Right: Hitler).

Actually, this war isn’t exactly new. In fact, it’s kinda old.

The Jew, Karl Marx, invented his “communism” in 1848 to destroy England and ultimately all of Western Europe [1]. But, sadly for Marx, his plan didn’t work: communism went east, not west, and it took hold in Russia, China, Korea and Vietnam. Marxism missed the White target. But luckily for Marx, there were other Jews waiting in the wings to continue his anti-White efforts, Jews with names like Horkheimer and Fromm and Adorno. At the Frankfurt School at Columbia University in New York, these Jews would fine-tune Marxism and make it sing poisonous love songs to the Western world! And it did. Equality! Social Justice! Human Rights! White people bad! Black people good! This new Marxism, now called Cultural Marxism, is The Big Thing today. It’s found in every school, every workplace, even in every church. It’s like sunlight: you can’t escape it. Cultural Marxism is the new Jesus. It’s everywhere. It’s killing the White world, by design. Cultural Marxism is more dangerous than regular Marxism for several reasons. For one thing, it seems harmless and benign. (Political Correctness is a sub-ideology of Cultural Marxism [it’s the “language part” of CM, i.e., talking/writing] and Cultural Marxism is a sub-ideology of Critical Theory; they are all Jewish-founded ideologies; basically, the ideological flow chart reads like this: Critical Theory>Cultural Marxism>Political Correctness.

Critical Race Theory [CRT], which emerged in the 1980s, was Cultural Marxism applied to law to benefit Blacks and Browns, while penalizing Whites. CRT has since expanded and is found everywhere now. With CRT, Cultural Marxism has become more aggressive and is now targeting White children and even White babies, if you can believe that. “Babies can be racist!” the Marxists say. It’s very sick. I think a lot of the parental pushback against CRT is due to its targeting of innocent kids. Is there anything worse than targeting innocent children?).



[1] Marx said that any revolution that didn’t spread to England was a waste of time. Translation: England was the main target. Communism was based on Jewish communal living. In America in the late 1960s, hippie communes were popular

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