28 June, 2021

A Godfather of the Civil Rights Movement, Arnold Aronson

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(Above: Arnold Aronson, circa 1955)

There’s a saying: “civil rights” is Jewish tyranny in blackface. Here’s one reason why (make that three reasons).

Without Arnold Aronson (1911-1998), the civil rights movement, as we know it today, would not exist.

A Jew, Aronson was the main founder of the umbrella group then called the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, founded in 1950 as a collection of 30 civil rights groups. He served as its executive secretary from 1950 to 1980. For its first 13 years, the LCCR was basically a one-man operation run by Aronson in a Manhattan office.

The LCCR was basically carrying out the dream of Herbert Marcuse, albeit much earlier: Marcuse’s New Left (founded circa 1964) was intended to be a large collection of “oppressed” people, all working together: Blacks, Latinos, queers, women, etc. Aronson pioneered the “umbrella group” strategy vis-a-vis civil rights.

Here’s a quote about Aronson from the Congressional Record (House of Rep.) in 1997:

“During the Leadership Conference’s first 13 years, Arnold Aronson served as its secretary and directed the day-to-day operations of the organization. Along with NAACP Washington bureau director Clarence Mitchell, Aronson and the Leadership Conference coordinated the successful lobbying efforts which resulted in the passage of the 1957 and 1964 Civil Rights Acts, the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and the 1968 Fair Housing Act.” (That last Act forces you to rent homes/apartments to Blacks and Mexicans, whether you want to or not. So much for America being “The Land Of The Free”).

Aronson was a busy bee. He buzzed around frantically and probably didn’t get much sleep during the 1960s. Nation-wrecking is hard work!

Almost as important as Aronson in the civil rights movement were two other Jews connected to Aronson: Joe Rauh, a lawyer, who was a major lobbyist for LCCR on Capitol Hill; and Marvin Caplan, Aronson’s top lieutenant.

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    1. Popeye Says:

      So Mr Aronson was just another jewboy working hard to destroy White Christian civilization. Imagine my shock. May he burn in hell forever.