16 June, 2021

A New Human Right–the Right to Globalization

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“A New Human Right–the Right to Globalization” he says. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

“This Essay also argues that national allegiance and globalization cannot stand together.” Well, I agree with that part. They cannot stand together. You can have a nation of people who are alike, or you can have globalism. Not both.

First, let’s define globalization concretely for newbies: by his language, he is talking about humans only, and not goods. If we are talking about humans only, then we are talking about human movement across borders, on a global scale. Mass migration. Mass racial mixing.

Globalism (one-worldism, Universal Man, egalitarianism, etc.) is great if you are Black or Brown, because you greatly benefit from it! But it’s not great if you are White. Because globalism only flows one way. Under globalism, Blacks and Browns of the Third World invade the West and take full advantage of all the White technology and values. But Whites don’t invade the Third World, because there’s no need to, because the Third World offers White people nothing of value. Why should White people move to the crappy Third World? What would they gain? Nothing. Globalism is, then, a one-way movement. It’s great for them but it sucks for us.

Globalism is a one-way street with only one outcome for Whites: The eventual death of the Western world, because the West cannot possibly absorb the millions of Black/Brown people who desire to come here, not even half of them, or even a quarter of them! Globalism spells “THE DEATH OF THE WEST” in huge letters! It’s great for Blacks/Browns but it’s genocide for Whites. Globalism will kill off Whites just as surely as the automobile killed off the horse-and-buggy. And the globalists know it.

Do you want to save the West? Then reject globalism and embrace nationalism. Simple.


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