29 June, 2021

California Facing Blackouts As Electricity Prices Soar

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California is a state run entirely by liberals. When your state is controlled by liberals, there are no adults in charge. Because liberals are children in adult bodies. They don’t think logically. Liberals should never be allowed to hold public office.

“Even though the state’s tattered electric grid can barely meet existing demand – and more rolling blackouts are almost certain this summer – California continues to pile bad policy on top of bad policy. The state has banned the future sale of cars powered by internal combustion engines which will result in dramatic increases in electricity demand and will require, according to a recent report by the California Energy Commission, the installation of 1.2 million new EV charging stations by 2030. Bans on natural gas will further increase electricity demand.” (Of course, allowing 12 million illegal aliens to live in California doesn’t help any. That’s a lot of extra bodies needing electricity).


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    1. Popeye Says:

      It was a cool place to grow up, but I left “the golden state” years ago. It is a disaster, only going to get worse with changing demographics, and I’m glad I’m out. On the other hand, I am angry that once-beautiful state is being destroyed by non-White immigration, and the liberals and (((liberals))) who have caused this. It didn’t have to happen.

      The midwest has been pretty good for my family and I, though unfortunately even here I live way too close to a larger, “diverse” city.