13 June, 2021

Race and College Admissions: a Simple Fix

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Race: for a “social construct” that “doesn’t matter,” people sure obsess over it! Like, every day!

“If Harvard were to abandon race-conscious admissions, African-American and Hispanic representation would decline by nearly half,” the school told the court in urging it to stay out of the case.”

OMG! But that’s an easy problem to fix. Since “race is just a social construct” and not biological, Harvard could just “re-construct” the students as needed. Since race is a “faulty, racist, human-built classification system” (i.e., a social construct) that can change as society itself changes, then Harvard can just re-classify Blacks and Hispanics into other constructs [1]. Just invent new constructs! Don’t call them “Blacks” and “Hispanics” anymore. Instead, call them, for example, “kinda-darks”, “could-be-darks-if-you-squint”, “halfway darks” and “might-or-might-not-be-darks” — that way, no one would know for sure how many of each group is at Harvard, and therefore no one could accuse Harvard of racism. Problem solved! Let’s party! Woo-hoo! In fact, I’m feeling darker already! Think Harvard would accept me?? Maybe I could teach a humanities course!



[1] the Cultural Marxist story is that, years ago, evil White men “constructed” (invented) “race” in order to oppress certain people who had darker skin. Race is not biological, and therefore not real, says the story. But how can “White men” exist if race doesn’t exist? How can “White men” oppress “Black people” if Black people don’t exist? How can someone “look Asian” (look like a mongoloid, i.e., slanted/almond-shaped eyes with epicanthic skin folds, and a flat face) if race doesn’t exist? It’s all postmodernism (aka postMarxism) and it’s all very confusing. Of course, postmodernism was designed to be confusing. In postmodernist philosophy, there is no concrete reality. That’s why Marxists love it.

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