23 June, 2021

The Boldness of the Jews in Their Racial Efforts

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(Above: the Frankfurt School leader Max Horkheimer. The Frankfurt School was a Jewish, Marxist “research institute” at Columbia University. Why did Columbia host it?)

Over the years, Jews have often told White people what horrible things they are planning to do to White culture. This is called chutzpah (it means “bold arrogance”). One Jew even admitted on TV that Jews are leading the push to multiculturalize White countries via immigration and that Europe “must” become multicultural or it won’t survive! [1]. (Note: most violence in the world is caused by ethnonationalist fighting, i.e., ethnic groups fighting, e.g., the Middle East. Multiculturalism in the Western world will cause more violence and more chaos).
“Strangely,” Jews advocate multiculturalism for the White countries, but not for Israel! In fact, due to Jewish ethnic policies, Israel is more Jewish today than in 1948, when it was founded! “Do as we say, but not as we do!” [2].

The Jews of the Frankfurt School in NYC were so arrogant that they actually told White people what they were planning to do to White Western culture: attack and destroy it. They admitted that their “Critical Theory” was not like other theories. It didn’t seek to merely understand or explain White society. It was designed to criticize and change White society. To transform it entirely via Cultural Marxism [3]. And these Jews were going to do it. That’s like a rapist telling a woman that “next month, I’m going to rape you.” The Jews are so arrogant that they often announce their de-Whitening intentions. (You can imagine how the Jews would scream if White people told them “we’re going to de-Jew Israel”).

Critical Theory was designed to be a liberating theory, which would “free” the White citizens from their “enslavement” (“we’ll break those chains of Whiteness!”). Most Jewish/leftist movements are “liberating” movements: feminism, “gay rights,” etc. “Don’t worry, White people, we’ll save you from yourselves!” Gee, thanks. Also known as Tikkun Olam (Jew-speak for “repairing the world”).


[1] [Web Article]. Video, 36 seconds: [Here]. More [Here].

[2] Israel was roughly 40% Jewish in 1948, but it’s about 75% Jewish today, due to the Jewish habit of killing Palestinians and de-populating their neighborhoods.

[3] the goals of the Frankfurt School included: the politicization of race, weakening the nuclear family, normalizing homosexuality and feminism, portraying White men as “oppressors” and “fascists”

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