27 June, 2021

Thoughts On Human Rights

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Since 1948, “human rights” have been a big thing in the West. All humans enjoy “human rights” simply because they are human, we are told by the UN, UNESCO and by famous leftists. They say that all of the world’s humans enjoy human rights, even retards and communists and 400-pound fat women.

But that’s not correct. All humans are different, so how could they all enjoy the same rights? Who would grant those rights? God? Which god? No two humans are the same. Some are taller, shorter, fatter, skinnier, smarter, dumber, more ambitious, more lazy, etc. Humans vary greatly. Like snowflakes, no two are alike. How come the humans didn’t have humans rights until 1948? So, in 1947, they didn’t have any such rights? That seems odd.

The only way all humans in the world would enjoy the same rights (human rights) is if they were all the same and all equally valuable. But they aren’t. Thomas Edison was much more valuable than a negro in Africa. So human rights cannot exist. If a lion eats a human in the jungle, then that human didn’t have any “human rights,” did he? And how come the lion has no “animal rights”? Shouldn’t the lion have rights? Such as: a right to eat meat (the human) in order to survive? Humans are animals, just like lions are.

Human rights are bogus. Fake. They don’t exist.

(In fact, humans rights are a fantasy made up by a Jew [Rene Cassin] for UNESCO in 1948. How does a Jew decide that all humans have “human rights”? If humans have human rights, how do you explain Gaza, which is today a giant concentration camp full of Palestinians? Apparently, “certain people” have human rights and other people don’t. Right, Israel?).

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