3 June, 2021

Wait a Second: I Thought Communism Made All of the People Equal?

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Yeah, they’re equal all right: equally miserable! In Cuba, only the “elites” can get caviar and chocolate! But wait a second: how can a communist country have “elites” anyway? I mean, don’t they all share everything in communist countries? Don’t they sit around campfires singing happy songs about peace, love, brotherhood, freedom and world conquest? What??? They sit around crying because they don’t have enough food to eat??? Wow! Gee, my history teacher, Mr. Goldberg, never mentioned that. I wonder why not? Do you think Mr. Goldberg was being deceptive?

Anyway, here’s a quote about life in modern Cuba:

“The Cuban system works by caste. The mayimbes (bosses) do not want for anything, nor do the senior officers in the armed forces. They get free housing and food, and they can take vacations at recreational villas for reasonable prices. Mid-level party officials also enjoy their little privileges. The cuadros (administrators) of tourism, domestic trade and other ministries and large companies, they live by stealing and profiting from food, fuel and construction materials. We – those at the bottom, the marginalized, almost all blacks – who live in poverty, we have to fight each other for the crumbs.”


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