22 June, 2021

Whiteness Studies

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A couple of things about Whiteness Studies:

1) How can “Whiteness Studies” exist in the American universities when “race is just a social construct”? How can a “White race” exist, and have a long history to study, when “White European people” don’t really exist, biologically speaking, as a unique people? (The whole goal of the “race is a social construct” movement is to get rid of the word “race” as it applies to humans. Once that happens, Whites cannot claim racial superiority since “race” no longer exists. Clever!).

2) Doesn’t it bother anybody that the founders of “Whiteness Studies” were Marxists? (e.g., Noel Ignatiev, Theodore W. Allen, David Roediger, Ruth Frankenberg). In other words, “Whiteness Studies” is a Marxist creation.

3) Most ethnic “Studies” celebrate the people being studied (e.g. “Black Studies” celebrates Blacks, “Chicano Studies” celebrates Mexicans, etc.). But strangely, “Whiteness Studies” does just the opposite. It attacks White culture.

“Whiteness Studies” is called a legitimate academic field. Well, the Marxists can call it a rose, but it still stinks. It’s all about hating and tearing down White culture.

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