30 June, 2021

Why Do We Tolerate Critical Crapola?

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(Above: the godfather of critical theory: the Jewish, Marxist philosopher Max Horkheimer. He founded critical theory in 1937. Hitler kicked Horkheimer and Company out of Germany. But Hitler was smarter than we were: Horkheimer then came to America and he set up shop at Columbia University in NYC. Why did they let him set up shop there? Good question!).

“Critical Theory.” “Critical Race Theory.” You’ve heard about them. It’s all Marxist crap.

Why do we tolerate “critical” Marxist baloney? By their very nature, “critical theories” (e.g., feminism) work against White Western culture. In other words, critical theories are killing Western culture.

An easy-to-remember definition of critical theory is: “Jewish intellectuals criticizing, and then tearing down, White culture.” First comes the criticizing, then comes the tearing-down, aided by the criticism. Granted, not everyone who pushes critical theory is a Jew. But it came from Jews. The penalty for pushing critical theory should be severe (e.g., life in prison), but of course it isn’t. There is no penalty. This is 2021 and the Jews are getting away with anything and everything. (Shouldn’t it be a crime to knowingly destroy a healthy, productive society, a country that put men on the moon and invented the transistor? Yes, it should be).

This below is one, sorta-funny example of being “critical” in the Marxist sense:

“Dig deep into White society. Find an imaginary “problem” that concerns race (or sex). Don’t worry, you’ll find a problem if you look hard enough (here’s one: “White male patriarchy in America’s preschools is creating fascist 6-year-olds”!!) Then, moan steadily about the problem; exaggerate the severity of the problem and make it seem really horrible and racist/sexist. OMG!! Write “academic” papers and books about the problem, teach college courses about the problem, and demand that laws be passed to fix the problem. Blame the problem entirely on White male racism/sexism. Repeat this action all across the culture until White society is destroyed and the world is “safe” for the Jews, God’s Chosen Mosquitos!”

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