16 July, 2021

Book Quote

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“To treat people before the law as though they were racially all alike in nature evokes a sense of injustice. The natural and healthy tendency for “birds of a feather to flock together” is disregarded by Marxists who imagine that it is possible to iron out by law the variations between racial groups with different instincts living in a multiracial society. Marxist attempts by universal race-mixing to downgrade everyone to a common level give rise to false expectations, as we see in England and America, the predictable outcome of which is envy, discontent, social instability and discord, with a decline in traditional standards and national disciplines. The key to civilised progress is racial preservation, a fact not yet fully realised by political theorists who are inclined to ignore the basic biological factor, the compelling force that lies behind cultural and historical change.

Assertions made, usually by Jewish talmudic publicists who believe in the preservation of their own race, that each race has a social or cultural origin only and has only emerged as a human conglomerate during comparatively recent historical times is not history but Marxist propaganda.”

— from the booklet “Race and Politics: The Myth of Racial Equality” by H. B. Isherwood, 1978; by The Racial Preservation Society, Chapel Ascote, Ladbroke, Southam, Warwickshire, UK, 30 pages; from page 6.

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