7 July, 2021

Following a Brown Person for a Day, or, Who Needs White Technology? (They Do)

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Note: (WT) = White Technology

Brown Bob works for a construction company. He lives in a house that was built with/by (WT), e.g., concrete, architectural blueprints, electric saws, electric drills, glass, plumbing, etc.

7:00 AM: Brown Bob turns off his alarm clock (WT) and gets out of his soft, springy bed (WT).

7:10 AM: Brown Bob takes a hot shower with water heated by a water heater (WT) and pumped into the shower by indoor plumbing (WT). He also shaves his face with an electric razor (WT).

7:30 AM: Brown Bob drinks coffee made with electricity (WT) and a coffee maker (WT). He eats breakfast using electricity (WT), a toaster (WT), sliced bread with butter (WT)(WT) and processed cereal with pasteurized milk (WT)(WT). The milk and butter were fresh via his refrigerator (WT) and via the local grocery store (WT).

8:00 AM: Brown Bob reads a newspaper (WT) and checks email (WT) on his laptop computer (WT). He uses a pen (WT) to leave a message for his wife, who is still asleep.

8:30 AM: Brown Bob gets into his pickup truck (WT) and drives on paved roads (WT) to work. He listens to the radio (WT) while driving.

9:00 AM: Brown Bob arrives at work and enters the building (WT), which despite the summer heat is cool due to air conditioning (WT). He takes a phone call (WT) and uses a copying machine (WT). He uses his laptop computer (WT) to book an airplane (WT) flight to Miami the following day.

10:00 AM: Brown Bob takes part in a telephone conference call (WT) and reads an internet (WT) article about construction technology (WT), which will aid him when he goes to Miami tomorrow for a work-related meeting.

11:00 AM: Brown Bob drives (WT) to a job site, and then to a steakhouse (WT) for lunch.

1:00 PM: Brown Bob uses his laptop (WT) to type up some work reports. In English (WT).

4:00 PM: Brown Bob leaves for home early, and listens to the radio (WT) while driving (WT) home. He stops at a pizza place (WT) on the way home.

5:00 PM: Brown Bob and his family eat the pizza (WT) and drink some soda (WT). Then they watch TV (WT).

10:00 PM: Brown Bob reads a book (WT) using an overhead light (WT) and then goes to (his springy) bed (WT).

As you can see, Brown Bob’s life is filled with lots and lots of White technology. But, since White people are evil, Bob must stop using all of that White technology.

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    1. MadMan Mike Says:

      Of course. They are appropriating our culture (incl. technology) all the time but then chimp out if a white girl gets dreadlocks or a white guy plays blues music. Saying those things belong to only them and wez beez appropriating their culture and sheeit.