19 July, 2021

Negroes and the Wild Gene

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I once watched a documentary about people who owned exotic pets. One guy had a black bear for a pet. A full-grown bear. The guy had gotten the bear as a cub, and he owned the bear for 30 years without any trouble. But one day, the bear suddenly attacked him and mauled him severely, for no apparent reason. When asked why the attack happened, the guy said, “well, wild bears are still wild. They have the wild gene. It would take probably 2,000 years of continuous domestication to breed out the wild gene and domesticate them.”

Negroes are the same way. They seem “domesticated” on the surface, but they really aren’t. About 400 years ago, Blacks were still living in the African jungles, throwing spears and grunting (one grunt for “yes” and two grunts for “no”). This is why you can be “friends” with a Black guy today but he’ll suddenly stab you to death over some trivial issue, like you eating the last piece of pizza in the box when he was “entitled” to it! Racist honky mofo!

Black people are not “fully domesticated.” Only partly. They still have the wild gene.

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