17 July, 2021

Our Burden, Christianity

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(Above: Jesus)

A top scientist once said (paraphrasing): “there have been more insane things done, or good things not done, in the name of Christianity than in any other thing.” Yep. Like a White family in America adopting 10 Black children from Haiti! Yes, it has happened! “Jesus told us to!” If he did, then shame on him.

It has been said that, had Christianity not been invented and spread by Jews (The Old Testament), White Western man would be far more advanced today than he is [1][2][3]. Christianity set Western man back at least 500 years and likely closer to 1100 years (e.g., look what happened to Galileo). Christianity severely retarded the White man’s progress. But that’s the Jew: wrecking or impeding the White nations since time immemorial. The Jew sets little traps for the White man at every turn, little “land mines” that delay the White man’s progress again and again.



[1] the famous Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was threatened with torture and sentenced to permanent house arrest (for 9 years, from 1633 until his death) because his scientific discoveries were at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

[2] the apostle Paul (who was a Jew, and whose real name was Saul) was the foremost spreader of Christianity to non-Jews in the Biblical era (i.e., the 1st century AD). He was “a missionary to the Gentiles.” Without Paul, Christianity would have gotten nowhere. Paul is now known as St. Paul.

[3] It’s likely that Christianity held Western man back 1100 years: from about 313 AD (the major spreading of Christianity) to about 1450 AD (the invention of the movable-type printing press, which changed the world by spreading knowledge quickly and widely)

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    1. jhgh1 Says:

      All societal decay traces back to Christianity, in it’s original form, and now in it’s secularized form.

      >Original Christianity. It came out of the “Alexandrian School” (proto Frankfurt School). Jews invented a religion to mentally colonize the Romans, strip them of their tribal instincts, and turn them into guilt ridden and virtue seeking slaves.

      >Secularized Christianity (modern Liberalism). Liberals created a secularized form of Christianity where they replaced God with “Equality” which is the Christian belief that we are all equal under Jesus. All their ethics and fundamental frameworks derive entirely from the Christian bible, not the Enlightenment. Ie. Political Correctness is an outgrowth of Christian Puritanism. White Guilt is the Christian conception of Original Sin. Virtue Signalling is Christian Penance, etc.

      This is why you have so many religious fanatics unconsciously programmed to bring us back into the Dark Ages.