1 July, 2021

Thanks, Ambulance-Chasers

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Seen: a single-action revolver with a safety lever on it! Why on earth does a cowboy-style revolver need a safety on it? (It doesn’t if you know the mechanics of a single-action revolver). Until a few years ago, no revolvers had safeties.

Well, ask the Jews why a revolver has a safety (which you’ll forget is “on” at the worst moment). All manufacturers today are afraid of being sued. So they do stupid things like put warning labels on products that read, “Do not use this hair dryer in the bathtub” (duhhh, but what about in the shower??). It was Jews who pioneered personal-injury law [1]. Look in a phone book: a disproportionate number of names of personal-injury lawyers are Jewish: Cohen, Goldberg, Bloom, Stein, etc.

Personal-injury law is why America is now a sue-your-neighbor society, where the smallest thing will trigger (pun intended) a lawsuit. Personal-injury lawsuits exploded after 1977, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that lawyers could advertise on TV. Lucky us. Today, injured people call a lawyer first and an ambulance second.

Ambulance-chasers have ruined America in several ways. (Some professionals put the deeds to their homes in their wives’ names so they won’t lose their homes to ridiculous lawsuits. But your wifey could get your home, dude — in fact, she already has it! Furthermore, a doctor I once knew was sued into oblivion over a little mistake that his nurse made. He didn’t have malpractice insurance. A great doctor, ruined by an ambulance-chaser).


[1] in his 1982 book “Jews and Money: The Myths and the Reality,” a Jewish author says that personal-injury law was pioneered by a handful of lawyers and “most of them were Jewish.” — quoting author Gerald Krefetz, page 193. Most of them were? I’ll bet all of them were.

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