19 July, 2021

The Great Covid Reset?, or, the Deadly Cure

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In Israel, it is being said that people are experiencing “vaccine ADE” (Antibody Dependent Enhancement), which means that people who are vaccinated with the “Covid-19 jab” are getting sicker (with Covid) than people who aren’t vaccinated. Is this true? Or is this just the Great Covid Reset? Are the globalists going to go for a Covid Pandemic, Round Two: “The vaccines aren’t working! They’re making people even sicker! More lockdowns are needed immediately!!”? Is that how it’s gonna work?


“In Israel, the vaccinated are becoming infected at a growing rate and as such are spreading the virus rather than stopping it. We also have a good reason to believe that the rest of the Western world will witness a similar pattern as it has followed the Israeli vaccine doctrine.”

Also, there is major desperation setting in among the Branch Covidians in America. You can see it in their pronouncements: “the world will end if America isn’t 100% vaccinated by next Friday! Hurry, people! Hurry! Get the jab! Now!”


“We’re losing time here. The Delta variant is spreading, people are dying, we can’t actually just wait for things to get more rational”… (They will no doubt invent different “variants” as needed: The Gamma variant! The Alpha variant! The Sigma variant! OMG!).

Also, here’s a great quote from a brave British undertaker, who said that deaths in the UK went way up as soon as they began vaccinating people! That guy is brave because, in the socialized-medicine countries (e.g., Britain, Canada), you are punished by the government for speaking freely about Covid. (Is it surprising that people would die after getting the Covid jab? No. The Covid vaccine causes your immune system to weaken for about 30 days, maybe more, after getting the jab. This means that, if you’re old, or in bad health, and you get the jab, you could soon be in serious trouble — e.g., you could die from the regular flu).

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