2 July, 2021

You Can See the Liberal Crash Coming

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It has been said that Kamala Harris is unpopular even with liberals. When she ran for president in 2019, she was polling at maybe 4%. She was not popular. These articles bolster that claim. When Harris finally becomes president after Joe Biden’s brain atrophies past the “we can still fake it” point, things will get, let’s say, “interesting.” Ideas that were previously impossible (like 2020 election-fraud evidence being heard by federal courts) will become possible.

Liberals think they “won” by stealing the 2020 election, but in fact they merely awakened a sleeping giant: over 100 million patriotic White people are now on alert to their greasy behaviors, which are even worse than we previously thought. Federal election theft involves lots of federal felonies. It also is a RICO offense (a conspiracy to violate the voting rights of millions of Americans. We’re talking serious prison time for that).

(Another thing about Biden: senile dementia causes mental incapacity. That’s a big legal issue. If a person with dementia signs a legal document, he may not know what he is signing, so whatever he signed may not be legally binding. That is a big problem, since Biden has signed many bills and Executive Orders into law since January. Which of those laws are really void? How would we know? Every law signed by Biden is suspect, and so is every political appointment. This is an issue that has serious legal and political ramifications).

[Article] and [Article].

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