27 August, 2021

Pierre Laval and Vichy France

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“By 1942, Laval had succeeded Marshal Pétain as the head of the Vichy government, and it was here where he showed his true colors. According to The New York Times, Laval pursued French Resistance fighters and even deported French Jews — including women and children — to the concentration camps.”

Zounds! Laval chased communists and Jewish communists? Both? What an over-achiever he was. Anyhoo, you can’t deport a Pet! Nobody can deport a Pet! Especially the children, who are pre-Pets. On the cusp of Pet-hood. Even God himself wouldn’t dare deport one of his self-chosen. They’re Holy Pets. Untouchable. “The best of the human species” to quote themselves.


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    1. Camp Of The Saints Says:

      Ibrahim Husseini, leader of the Provençal Allah’s Front, becomes president of France and proclaims an Islamic republic in Paris. German Chancellor Türgüt Mustafa is alarmed by attacks by the Shiite majority in Bavaria against the Catholic minority, which demands the reintroduction of German at least in primary schools. British Prime Minister Jalal Jrinaputra faces separatism from Buddhists who set fire to a Hindu temple in Liverpool. Jorge Luis de las Mercedes Pérez y Dominguez, governor of independent California, introduces Spanish as the only official language in the state. So do the presidents of the other independent Hispanic states – Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. The year is 2023…

      By Mr Maroš Puchovský (Slovakia), 1990.