3 August, 2021

The Crime of the Century Goes Unprosecuted. (But What About All the Civil Rights Violations?)

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On November 3, 2020, the crime of the century occurred. It involved probably 500 criminals or more, in several different countries, including the USA, China and Germany. Our American federal election was stolen on that day.

On November 3, thousands of felonies were committed at once. Many of those felonies were RICO Act violations (conspiracy). Some were espionage-law violations and wire-fraud violations. The crime was an actual coup against the executive branch of the U.S. government (the president of the United States). Dozens of people should be in jail awaiting trial right now. So why aren’t they? Ask yourself that. A crime the likes of which we have never seen before is going totally unpunished!

This crime was so big and so brazen that it must be punished. It can’t not be punished. Do you realize that every law and every mandate made by the Joe Biden regime is illegal by default, since the people in charge should not be in charge? The crime of the century had, and has, so many serious legal and constitutional consequences that even some of the liberals who helped steal the election are probably having second thoughts about what they did (just kidding). (Consider it: many millions of civil-rights violations were committed in just one day! An all-time record! The 1965 Voting Rights Act, for example, was violated approximately 80 million times on November 3rd! Where is the Left on that giant crime? Hmmmm? Silence, huh?? Now they don’t care about civil rights, huh?? Aren’t liberals the champions of civil rights?? [1]).

Lastly, several questions just beg to be answered:

1. Whose idea was it to steal the 2020 election?
2. Who was in charge of the election theft? Who directed the theft?
3. How many of the election thieves were Jews? (I’m guessing a lot of them)
4. How far up the ladder of authority did the election theft go? To the U.S. Senate? To the CIA? The State Department? All of them? None of them?
5. Why didn’t Donald Trump declare martial law when he realized that the election was stolen? Apparently, Trump was urged to do so.


[1] “80 million times” reflects 80 million votes for Trump being invalidated

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