4 August, 2021

The Most Dangerous Belief of All: Human Equality

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He nails the fundamental problem in the Western world since World War II: the belief that human beings are, or can be, equal. This fraudulent belief has, of course, been pushed very hard by the Jews, lest “another Hitler” come along and “oppress” God’s Pets. Oppressing a Pet is the greatest of all sins — indeed, oppressing a Pet is an attack on God himself! In fact, if you simply look at a Pet the wrong way, God will smite you! Lightning will shoot down from the clouds on a sunny day, frying your brains and sending you to H-e-double-tooth-picks! (Hell) [1][2].


“The fundamental error, propagated relentlessly by the ruling elites all across the Western world is its egalitarian world view. They do not recognize, or rather they do not want to recognize what should be obvious to anyone with eyes to see: that every person is unique, different and unequal to all other persons, and that the same is true for every group of persons as compared to any other group. Moreover, each of these naturally different people and groups of people is faced with and must act under different external circumstances that they have inherited from and that have been shaped by their various different ancestors. Given this point of departure, then, it should be expected as perfectly normal and natural that the outcome of all this should be different as well: that is, that the achievements, the successes or the failures, of different people and different groups of people in life should be different, too.”



[1] Jews consider themselves to be godlike. For example, the idea that striking a Jew = striking God himself is mentioned in Sanhedrin 58b in the Jews’ Babylonian Talmud. It translates to “if you slap the face of an Israelite, it’s like slapping the face of God”

[2] “It is barbaric to write poetry after Auschwitz” — Jewish communist Theodor Adorno. In other words, the Holocaust (TM) was the most important and most horrible event in history and having/seeking any enjoyment after it should not be allowed (not because people suffered, mind you, but because Jews suffered; Jews are not mere people!)

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