5 August, 2021

The Truth About Adolf Hitler

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(Above: the real Hitler: a kind animal lover who didn’t want war. But powerful globalist Jews like Bernard Baruch had other ideas. Baruch was 90% to blame for WWII. He gave orders to F.D. Roosevelt, not vice-versa) [1].


“An illustration of the power of propaganda provided by Carroll Quigley, Professor of History at Georgetown University, is the widely held misconception that National Socialist Germany was a totalitarian state. In Tragedy and Hope I he writes “unlike Italy or Soviet Russia, the economic system was not ruled by the state but was subject to ‘self rule’ (free enterprise)…Newspapermen and journalistic writers applied the term ‘totalitarian’ to the Nazi system, and the name has stuck without any real analysis of the facts as they existed. In fact, the Nazi system was not totalitarian either in theory or in practice.”

Zounds! I hear every week that Hitler was a carpet-chewing dictator who ruled Germany with an iron fist! Guess not.

“In The Origins of the Second World War, A.J.P. Taylor, a leading British historian, shows that “Hitler did not wish a war, either local, European, or world. His only fundamental aim in foreign policy was to revise the unjust and unfair Treaty of Versailles, and to do this by peaceful means. (Quotation from a review by Harry Elmer Barnes).”

“H. E. Barnes, who was one of America’s leading revisionist historians, stated in Blasting the Historical Blackout, “It is well established that no responsible leader in Germany, France, or Italy wanted war in 1939. President Roosevelt apparently desired to have the European war break out as soon as possible, pressed Chamberlain to go ahead, and encouraged Polish … stubbornness…”

Zounds! As schoolchildren, we were told that Hitler was a crazed madman who wanted to conquer and enslave the entire world! A thug who murdered 164 million kind, sweet, innocent, lovable Jews because…because…well, just for the heck of it!! Guess not.



[1] “When FDR was introducing Mme. Chiang Kai-sheck (sic) to some of his friends he said ‘This is Bernard M. Baruch. Bernie’s raised me for about 30 years.’ Baruch countered: ‘And don’t you think I’ve done a pretty good job of it?’”
–– American newspaper columnist Drew Pearson, March 1943, quoted in the book “I Testify Against the Jews” (Metairie, La.; Sons of Liberty Books, 1985, third printing) by Robert Edward Edmondson, page 200.

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